Bharani International Modern School is committed to provide a safe and secure environment where students enjoy learning and recognise their worth, dignity and leadership capacity,The beautiful landscape ,screened by lush green trees provokes the instinct in the child to admire nature. It has spacious buildings with playground which houses the junior and higher grades. Well stacked library, laboratories for Mathematics, computer and Drawing, Book Store,Canteen, auditorium, activity rooms, music room. Further infrastructure is available to practice almost all the games and sports like Football,Volley ball,Basket ball, Cricket, Throw ball, Kho-Kho etc., Field Events and Track Events are planned to practice by students which help them in keeping physically fit.

Chairman Message

The dream of Our Founder Mr. K.S.Sekar, B.E., is to do Something good in his hometown.He feels that his kith and kin needs good education to turn around and achieve success. His vision is to provide education, that leads his to be a 'Leader'

Principal Message

  • To Inspire in every child a love of learning
  • The confidence to explore
  • To grow and achive as indiviuals.
  • A unique friendly and caring ethos
  • A demanding yet supportive learning environment.
  • A pupil - centred approach when every learner is provided with excellent facilities and the latest education technology.
  • A cost effective education

Latest News & Updates

Teachers Day

The students of Primary Section arranged a special program to express their love for their teachers. They prepared songs and speeches. Class 1 students thanked each teacher by calling them on stage with a quote and given a card and a rose. Students of Class 5 had a special assembly and moved their teachers with beautifully presented speeches and songs. Several students were involved in a card making activity and their creativity is worth praising. Such a wonderful way of expressing their affection tugged at the hearts of teachers and made their day.

Parents Day

Every year Parents Day is celebrated in the month of July. All parents have the important responsibility of providing for, protecting, nurturing, teaching, and loving their children. We would like to honor all mothers and fathers and celebrate the values that bind families from one generation to the next. The bringing up of a child in a proper way is really a great responsibility. Parents take up numerous pains in moulding the child. They sacrifice their entire life for nurturing this relationship.

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